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  • Equine Massage by Sue

  • Making Horses Happy!

    There have been many segments to my interaction and life with horses. From a bratty pony when I was 8, to a TB mare I took to college, to a teaching and training career that spanned 25 years in both the Midwest and California. In addition to teaching and training, I studied and got certified in Equestrian Pilates for riders. This started my love for biomechanics – the art of the body moving efficiently and correctly. That passion then switched over to biomechanics in horses – and that’s when I became involved in Equine Massage.

    I studied and got certified through Equinology in 2009. It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made for my life’s work. It is with great passion and energy that I work on horses in this way. I am always interested in new modalities, new problems, and new solutions. Horses are our best and kindest teachers and I love working with them to help their bodies function as well as possible.

  • My Core Services

  • Equine Massage

    Every horse I see needs (and deserves!) a massage - they work so hard for us and give so much. I walk by and see tight muscles, compensation for weak muscles, and imbalances in the body. With the massage first loosening up, then balancing, and finally helping the body to come into symmetry, often the work can help a horse get more comfortable in their body. This is when health and performance often get better and better for horses. A regular bodywork program can be an integral part to a horse’s health and well being plan.

  • AlphaSonic

    Sound waves of a specific wavelength are passed through the body and have a "micro-massage" effect deep within the tissues. This effect promotes protein synthesis and aids circulation to help stimulate self-healing. AlphaSonic is used for reducing scar tissue, treating joint discomforts, improving muscle spasms, and helping to promote healing of soft-tissue injuries.