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  • Thank You to my Clients

    All of my clients work hard to keep their horses in the best shape they can be, and I am so happy to be part of their lives. Thank you all for allowing me to Make Your Horses Happy!

  • Bolero is 1000% better!!! His whole back has changed shape and is so much more relaxed. Thanks again.
         - Judy Westlake - Dressage Trainer

  • When my horse Woodstock came to me, he was quite the mess. I bought him under the premise that his performance days were over, so I truly didn't know the extent of his discomfort. Over time, improvements in his physical health revealed gaps that feed and exercise just didn't address. Equine massage therapy offered the gateway to improve my horse's physical health. Through massage, other modalities, like chiropractic, infrared and magnetic therapies have been identified and used concurrently with great success. Finally, a happy surprise has been the improvement in Woodstock's mental state. Not only is he moving his best ever, he is happy and relaxed because he's no longer achy and in pain. Equine massage therapy is one of the best gifts you can give your horse!  - Laura Petrie - Owner/Rider

  • I have had Sue treat my horse, Tango for several years.  I have to say, Sue’s expertise has helped my boy in so many ways.  First and foremost, he loves his massages, and there is no denying I can tell how much more relaxed and supple he feels at the end of his feel good session.  We expect a lot from our horses, and after being active with them for weeks on end, they deserve to have a full hands on natural treatment by someone who is aware and knowledgeable in equine dressage.  Sue’s education goes beyond massages, as she is also versed in other forms of treatment.  Even my trainer notices a difference after he has had a massage, and loves the end result.  So much so, she is also having Sue treat other horses at her facility.  That speaks volumes as to Sue’s ability in what she does.  My horse loves seeing her arrive, as he knows how great he is going to feel by the end of it. This is not  just a job for Sue — it is a passion, as she is always wanting to expand her education relative to the well being of horses.  She truly cares, and for me, that is the best i can ask for.   I promise, your horse will thank you.  They are very deserving of such care. To Our Divine Equine.    - Nicki Lucas - Owner/Rider