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    Through my years of working with horses, I have built an understanding of where my services will provide the best help. I focus on 3 methods to support your horse.

    • Equine Massage
    • AlphaSonic
    • Colorpucture

    My initial evaluation includes a full review of your horses condition, as well as an initial massage. I include my thoughts on how to best support them going forward. All of my appointments are completed with electronic notes on work completed and current evaluations, which I email you for your records.

  • Equine Massage

    There are many different benefits to massage, depending on the horse and their specific situation:
    The Athletic Horse
    • Massage helps keep the body balanced and performing at it’s best. Pre- and Post- Show massages also help the body prepare and recover more easily.
    • Massage can help find slight issues that may be contributing to new or abnormal behavior that training doesn’t seem to be helping. A tight low back can irritate the SI area which can throw off lead changes, for example.

    The Trauma Horse

    • After a trauma (something as simple as a slip or as complex as a flip), massage can help to increase circulation, which allows the cells and muscle tissue to begin to heal. Some trauma can show up in the body weeks or months after the incident. I often hear “he was fine right after, but now he won’t…”

    The Geriatric Horse

    • While massage may seem like “a nice thing to do”, I have had much success with helping the older horse feel better by reducing aches and discomfort. Massage also has a positive effect on the nervous system, which is responsible for sensory, interpretative, and motor functions. I have often heard of a horse being calmer and more relaxed after a massage, due to the effects it has on the nervous system.
  • AlphaSonic

    The AlphaSonic Sound Wave machine is a non-invasive addition to massage.  It aids in circulation, reducing inflammation, and bringing the many messages of the body to a neutral and quiet point. Often used when a muscle issue isn’t resolving after a couple of massages, and also utilized when there is an acute issue. Read more about the technology at makepaingoawaynow.com

  • Colorpuncture

    This is a practice that combines the calming and resetting benefits of the AlphaSonic machine, and Colorpuncture, which is a mind and body healing technology that utilizes specific frequencies of light, paired with acupuncture and acupressure points. Through the combination of two different ways of accessing the biology of the body, there is often dramatic and significant changes that take place through this pairing of technologies. Read more about Colorpuncture at colorpunctureusa.org