Our lesson philosophy is that safety is the first and foremost goal (with fun being a close second!). We teach correct basics, allowing students to move up as they are ready. We believe that riders must hit certain goals before they move up, ensuring their safety as well as their success. The most basic of these goals is that riders need to be able to do posting trot and sitting trot well, without stirrups, before they can learn to canter. This gives the student a solid, achievable goal, and allows them to develop the strength and balance to excel in the next level of riding. With this way of teaching, each student will excel at their own pace. The amount of riding being done also makes a huge difference in the learning curve.

We are a small training group, and keep each individual in mind. I may have some clients that show at the local level, and some that show at the A-Circuit level. I may have some clients that don’t show at all. Whatever your goal or desire, we’ll identify it and work towards it. Our goal is to create a path of success for each of our clients, turning dreams into reality and supporting the passion people feel about horses. We are all about nurturing the enlightened equestrian.


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