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Our Philosophy

Nurturing the Enlightened Equestrian

KEA is a place for those who are passionate about horses. We currently have a mix of all skill levels and age ranges, as well as a mix of English and Western riders. I am an English Hunter-Jumper trainer by trade, but at the lower western and dressage levels, it’s all about good horsemanship, balance, and control. If you (or someone you know) has an undeniable thirst for all things equine, this is the place for you. We don’t push showing or buying, but certainly support those endeavors. We work on an individualized basis, creating a program designed specifically to you and/or your horse’s needs. This is a small barn, so that the personalization remains.


We have great relationships with other horse-wellness people. This makes a huge difference in keeping our clients’ horses happy and healthy.

With Sue being a certified Equine Bodyworker, she is able to connect the dots between what she feels when training, what she sees when she teaches, and what she feels when doing bodywork. This allows her to give more information to vets and the other professionals that work with our amazing horses.

We have a wonderful Equine Chiropractor, Dr. Quay, who has done a phenomenal job with all of our horses. Often Sue massages the horses before Dr. Quay works on them, which leads to an easier and more beneficial adjustment for the horse, and helps the horse maintain the adjustment for a longer period of time.

Our Vet, Dr. Mark Secor, is a vital member of the KEA team. From thorough Pre-Purchase exams to lameness issues to regular maintenance, Dr. Secor’s office is amazing.

We have two farriers that both doing amazing jobs for our horses, from barefoot trims to special shoes to help with specific problems. They are both great about working with our vet. We believe this is a must for proper care.

Through specific and compassionate training, quality vet and farrier care, and the support of the holistic equine care team, the Kellogg Equestrian Academy is a great place for your favorite equine.

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