Equestrian Pilates

Sue Kellogg-Graf has been a Professional Riding Instructor and Trainer for 25 years, and is a certified Equestrian Pilates Instructor. She got certified to bridge the gap between rider and horse. Sue cross-trains many of her students in Equestrian Pilates, and has also worked with local High Schools that have Equestrian Teams. Riders of any discipline are welcome, and clinics and workshops are available. Equestrian Pilates is a mat Pilates based training method for the rider. Through the use of specific exercises, one can target not only muscles that help us ride, but learn to create and train your Natural Aids to function independently. This then creates harmony and clear, precise communication with your horse. Core strength is a large piece of the puzzle when communicating with horses when riding. By integrating Equestrian Pilates with your riding schedule, you will achieve better balance, stronger and more flexible muscles, and a core strength that allows your body to maintain balance and move with your horse.

Equestrian Pilates will help you:

• Sit the Trot Better
• Improve your Equitation
• Develop a stronger seat
• Reduce back pain
• Make your horse happier

When you are able to go with your horse, and support his gaits, you will have a horse that is happy to go forward, happy to be balanced, and happy to work for you. This is a cross-training method that goes beyond a specific discipline. All disciplines and levels welcome. Clinics and Workshops are available – my barn or yours! I am happy to work with other trainers and barns, or individuals. Contact us and see what we can do for you.  

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